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 My life has been ruled by severe anxiety for 5 years. I have tried CBT, taken the tablets and tried everything under the sun, but still I suffered. I had the most amazing experience with Halima during my RTT session. This was unbelieveable,i felt many emotions and after I felt so relaxed. Its a life changer and I have seen the results with my own eyes. An amazing woman so calm and sensitive. As someone who has suffered for so long, I reach out and say please please dont suffer in silence.

Contact Halima today.


The Hypnosis experience I had in session with Halima was so deep, precise and transformational.  Halima understood what was going on for me in my life. And moving forward from my positive experience I feel very light-hearted . I feel more in power and positive.  Halima is so caring and very supportive in this journey.  Thank you so much. I love listening to my recording. 



Session really helped 😊 and the personalised recording is amazing. Really relaxing and I would highly recommend x


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