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What is RTT™ (Rapid Transformational Therapy®️)?

RTT™ is extraordinary and often achieves rapid, life-changing results in just one session.

Created by Marisa Peer, endorsed by A-List Celebrities, Athletes, and Royalty.

Understanding RTT: Unlocking the Subconscious Mind

The Power of Hypnosis
Unveiling the mind's extensive library, Halima utilizes hypnosis as a tool for deep relaxation. Through

this process, she navigates the stories embedded in the subconscious, paving the way for transformation.

Investigating Your Stories
Intriguingly, Halima investigates your stories, unraveling the threads that form your beliefs. This exploration is the key to understanding and rewriting your narrative for a more empowered ending.

The Journey to Empowerment
The RTT 
method involves powerful questioning during hypnosis, addressing negative beliefs that surface. This phase is pivotal in comprehending the roots of these beliefs and sets the stage for transformation.

Reframing and Rewriting
Once the roots are exposed, the process of reframing begins. Halima helps you rewrite or install powerful, productive, and exciting stories into your subconscious mind, fostering lasting positive change.

Transformative Solutions for Various Challenges

Self Esteem & Confidence

Anxiety & Depression

Weight Management   

Smoking Cessation

Pain Management 

Fears and Phobias 

Sex & Relationships  



Abundance and Wealth

Entreprenuer Mindset

Performance in Sports 

Careers, and Exams


Comprehensive Consultation
Embark on a free 20-30 minute
call with Halima. This consultation delves into your highest

priority issue and helps determine if you and Halima are a good fit for each other.

RTT Session Flow
The RTT session is approximately 2 hours long. You will feel relaxed and totally in control. I will use

many RTT tools, including regression to uncover the beliefs or blockages behind your issue. When understanding has been reached, as to how, when, and where you acquired these beliefs. We will reframe and transform these old beliefs and install new powerful and empowering beliefs.  

Bespoke Recording for Transformation
After your first session, receive a personalized recording to be listened to daily for at least 28 days. Repetition helps speed up the process of changing your subconscious mind, and therefore, your results. 

Ongoing Support
Halima's support doesn't end with the session. Receive a supportive text at Day 8 and Day 14, with additional support as needed between these check-ins. A 20-minute follow-up call after day 21

ensures your journey continues smoothly.

Rewrite your story, overcome challenges, and embrace a life filled with confidence and purpose.

Take that first step today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is RTT?

    • RTT is a transformative therapy combining hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, and CBT for rapid and lasting change.

  2. How does RTT differ from traditional therapy?

    • It's faster and aims to identify and address root causes efficiently.

  3. Is RTT suitable for everyone?

    • Generally, yes.

  4. What happens in an RTT session?

    • Initial discussion, followed by a focused hypnosis session, often lasting 90-120 minutes.

  5. How many sessions are needed?

    • Many see results after one session, but some may require additional sessions.

  6. Can RTT be done remotely?

    • Yes, sessions can be in-person or online.

  7. What issues can RTT address?

    • Versatile, addressing anxiety, self-esteem, weight management, and more.

  8. Who can practice RTT?

    • Certified RTT therapists trained in person by Marisa Peer.


Call or email to book your free discovery call


  • RTT session, personalised transformational recording, & support.
    2 hr
    175 British pounds
  • RTT session(s), personalised transformational recording, & support.
    4 hr
  • The powerful combination of RTT and Coaching achieves Rapid results, c...
    5 hr 30 min
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