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Phenomenal Women

Updated: Mar 13

In celebration of International Women's Day

🌸 Phenomenal women, that's you and me,

And every woman that I see.

With hips that sway and eyes that gleam,

We are the embodiment of a dream.

🌻On this International Women's Day,

We celebrate the strides we've made each day,

The battles fought and victories won,

The courage to rise when we've been undone.

🌷We've birthed nations and raised up kings,

We've written stories and changed everything.

Our voices carry weight and might,

Our actions spark a fearless light.

🌼So let us raise our hands and sing,

Of the joy and power that women bring.

We are the fire, the passion, the grace,

A force of nature that cannot be erased.

🌸Phenomenal women, all around,

We lift each other up, unbound.

On this day and every other,

We stand united as sisters and mothers.

#internationalwomensday #halimaheath

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