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Due to the current government guidelines around Covid-19, all sessions will be via Zoom until further notice.


I  specialise in Rapid Transformational Therapy, (RTT Hypnotherapy).  RTT gets to the root cause of my clients issue and transforms my client lives in 1 -3 sessions.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hynotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.... Unlike talk therapy, that can often take weeks, months and sometimes years.    RTT is amazing value and most commonly delivers in a single session.


RTT for Anxiety has fantastic results in freeing my clients from anxious feelings of panic, trembling, fear, dizziness, irritability, restlessness, upset stomach and inability to concentrate. RTT can transform anxiety for exams, panic attacks, performance, interviews, public speaking, driving tests and social anxiety.


Feelings of not being worthy or good enough are the root cause of low self esteem and low confidence.   RTT can  transform my clients lives and free them from their insecurities.  Helping clients to be more confident in work, social events, regaining confidence after a relationship

break-up and the confidence to follow their dreams.


RTT is really effective in treating depression and anger with clients often leaving the session, feel a weight has been lifted from the and feeling much lighter.   RTT will help  clients feel calm, at ease and balanced.


Are you struggling with losing or maintaining your weight?  RTT can help by reprogramming my clients relationship with food. Freedom from sugar cravings, fatty foods, binge eating and over eating, help with portion control and many more food addictions.


Do you have a fear or phobia that is restricting you or holding you back?  RTT gets amazing results eliminating the phobias and fears of spiders, snakes heights, flying, needles, germs, blood, the dark, lifts and many more.  Your freedom is available to you, just take that first step and contact me.

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